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Creative & Intelligent Sequencing - advanced vinyasa teacher training (50hrs) (Amsterdam)

  • de nieuwe yogaschool 107 Laurierstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1016 PL Netherlands (map)

“Learn to create sequences that feel effortless yet empowering, nourishing yet energizing, creative yet logical. Invite your students to experience the magic of intelligent sequences that allow the body to open up to the flow of Prana, life energy”.

The logic of Vinyasa Krama: the logic of Nature
During this module you will cultivate a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘Vinyasa’ as well as the underlying principles that are the foundation of all cycles of life. Applying these principles to creating vinyasa yoga sequences will give you a clear structure to start from. Following the logic of the vinyasa krama system will make your life as a teacher both easier and more fun! You will receive intelligent tools to work with, allowing you to create sequences that invite your students to experience a deeper practice in a safe, transformative and enriching way.

Daphne has been developing this module over the last few years and has created her D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) Sequencing Kit that will be the starting point of intelligent and safe sequencing. You will learn to use this sequencing kit to create classes based on your own experience and the level of your students.

Once you understand and embody the logic of this system, it will be easy to create your own sequences, based on the different groups of asanas that open the body in specific ways. You will observe the key actions and energetic lines of asanas in their different kramas (stages) and learn to blend them into creative sequences.

Based on the intention of your class and the key actions of your chosen asana Daphne will offer tools to add creativity using different sequencing pathways, creative transitions and the adding of layers to your sequence.

Workshops in this module include:

  • Daily masterclasses for your own embodiment

  • Study of the definition and wisdom of vinyasa

  • Study of the principles of vinyasa krama

  • The art of sequencing: building blocks, tools, techniques & layers

  • Choosing an intention/pose and how to get there in a safe, intelligent & creative way

  • Analyses of groups of asanas, their kramas, modifications and their hands on assist

  • Layers of sequencing: how to create an integrated multi dimensional experience that will leave your students energized and inspired

  • Sequencing pathways: simple to complex

  • Teacher Labs