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TT 5 Elements in Vinyasa Yoga with Daphne

“Connect with the rooting power of the Earth, enjoy the cleansing, nourishing properties of Water, be transformed by the alchemy of Fire and experience the liberating flow of Air. Then integrate all elements in unlimited Space within and beyond”

Take your teaching skills to a deeper level. Enhance your vinyasa yoga practice by learning to work with the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Learn how to physically experience the qualities of these elements to activate, liberate and harmonize the energetic body.

About this module
During this advanced study you will learn about the energetic aspects of the 5 Elements and how you can benefit from working with their specific healing and empowering properties. Each element is reflected in your body in a different way. Asanas, pranayamas, mudras and music corresponding with the elements will invite you to experience the physical, mental and emotional effects of this practice.

Through your own experience of these balancing effects, you will be able to take your own teaching skills to a deeper level. You will learn how to energetically balance your students by tuning in to their needs, the day of the week, the seasons.

Every day, Daphne will guide you through intelligent and creative vinyasa sequences that give expression to the energy of the elements in your body. Experience the grounding, nourishing, empowering and liberating effects and learn to understand the different kramas, or stages that lead to a safe yet deep opening of your body and mind. We will explore different ways of sequening that will lead to energetic balancing, for students of all levels.

There will be time for examining the structure of classes and how to support the sequencing with appropriate music, mantras and vocabulary. Working in smaller groups, Daphne will offer guidance and feedback to help you integrate these themes into your own practice and teaching.

Workshops in this module include:

o   Analyses of movements of Prana in the body

o   Study of the qualities and benefits of the 5 Elements as well as the signs of disbalance

o   Tools and techniques to connect with the Elements on a physical and emotional level

o   Analyses of asanas and their connection with the Elements

o   Ways of working with the Elements in sequencing

o   Analyses of voice, vocabulary and music to support the flow

o   Masterclasses for your own experience of the energetic effects of vinyasa practice

o   Teacher labs to practice and play with the Elements