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TT Mastering the Art of Flow & hands on assists with Simon Rowe

  • de nieuwe yogaschool Laurierstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1016 Netherlands (map)

 ‘We have grouped together the essential teachings of flow to create this innovative and concise module. Learn how to guide your students into meditation-in-flow. Embrace your aliveness and experience your ‘spanda’, the vibrant pulsation of the life force that is your purest energy. Experience the benefits of a vibrant yoga practice to restore a balanced state of flow.

Learn advanced techniques for teaching the essence of flow, a beautiful and graceful yoga that harmonizes body, breath and mind.’

~ Simon

About this module
Learn to master the art of fluid and vibrant Vinyasa Yoga. Embrace the flow of Vinyasa Yoga to enhance your own energetic integration and your radiant well-being, then learn to guide others to do the same !

What you will learn during this module
Learn how to achieve graceful flowing yoga practice by mastering the techniques of the ‘inner practice’. Learn to cue your students to cultivate a vibrant and energized yoga practice, moving deeper into the yoga poses while riding the wave of the energetic breath.

Workshops and lessons

o   Master the art of flow in every aspect of the 5 phases of a class

o   Learn our uniques teachings on dynamic breathwork based on the authentic teachings of Sri Krishnamacarya for pranic energetic activation.

o   Receive teaching tools for liberation of the fluid body, de-armouring and unblocking and learn to integrate these tools in your class structure.

o   Learn to cue energetic alignment through the embodiment of the ‘Vayus’ , the 5 winds of Prana.

o   Learn to engage the deep core muscles close to the central axis of the body through fluid activation of the inner energetic locks, the bandhas.

o   Master the art of graceful transitions between asanas by honoring the 5 movements of Prana and activating the energetic breath.

o   Learn to energize and dynamize the static yoga practice through dynamization of asanas following the key actions and energetic lines of the poses.

o   Learn to cue your students in-flow through dynamic hands on assists.

o   Learn to use your voice to carry and support the flow and to offer effective in-flow cues by enhancing your vocal effectiveness.

o   Learn to work with music as a tool for activating, inspiring, modulating and harmonizing to support the flow and deepen the meditation-in-flow experience.

Simon will teach master-classes for your own personal integration of the principles of dynamic, vibrant Vinyasa Yoga practice. He will offer tools and skills to support the teaching of flow through his workshops and lessons. There will be time for working in partners and groups as well as for discussion and answering of questions.