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Moksha! Freedom Ecstatic Yoga & Pranadance Weekend @ YogaMoves, Utrecht

  • Yogamoves st janshovenstraat 1 utrecht (map)

Connect to your bliss, ignite the spark of your own personal freedom and embody the spirit of your Moksha - Freedom! 

As we move into summer this is a great time to honor your full potential for creative expression and open up to the mood of celebration! Join us for either one or for both of these unforgettable experiences in Vinyasa yoga and Pranadance.

Friday night 17/06: Moksha Hi-Fi Yoga Masterclass (€35,-)

During this moksha sadhana we begin by honoring the breath and awakening to the flow of prana, life force that manifests in our bodies and minds as our own energy. Enjoy the deep bass grooves as we dive into the flow, liberating our energy in rhythmic cycles of progressive vinyasa sequencing culminating in expressive peak poses and joyful back bends. The sequence is synchronized to the accompanying musical journey and we will also offer our own voices to invoke the Moksha freedom with singing and chanting together. As we move deeper into sacred practice, we will close with gentler sequencing and a deep nourishing sound bath of healing and harmonizing sounds.


Saturday night 18/06: Club Moksha - Ecstatic Yoga & Pranadance (€20,-)

Take your yoga beyond the forms of the poses and return to your instinctive sense of pleasure through movement. Ecstatic Yoga is inspired by the Sahaja and Tandava schools within the yoga tradition, these are sacred practices of honoring Prana, the life force that flows through each of us. Let yourself be moved by the power of music and Prana as you flow effortlessly from Ecstatic Yoga into the Pranadance!

Yogis of all levels are welcome to join this weekend as we unite and celebrate our coming together in freedom.

Both masterclass & pranadance: €50,- / Masterclass only: € 35,-/ Pranadance only: € 20,-