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Advanced Asana Training: FIRE

  • denieuweyogaschool 109 Laurierstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1016 PL Netherlands (map)

Go Further, Go Deeper… master your asanas to day!

Following the “Earth” and “Water” series of our Advanced Asana Training Program, it is time to power up and connect with our inner Fire! 

The Purifying inner fire of Agni

During the first two Friday trainings we explore the key actions and benefits of the intermediate poses that connect us with the FIRE element. These purifying and playful poses are taught in steps called ‘kramas’ to cultivate the strength, suppleness and confidence in a safe and enjoyable way. During the third session we explore powerful inverted twisting poses to nourish, cleanse and strengthen the inner fire of Agni!

Fire Elemental Masterclass

During the fourth and final session (on Saturday) we offer the FIRE elemental masterclass, an opportunity to experience the poses as part of an vinyasa master sadhana. Experience the different aspects of yoga integrated seamlessly during a transformative elemental vinyasa master practice.

Dates & Advanced Asana’s

15/04: Bakasana’s & Ekapada Galavasana - Flying Pidgeon

22/04: Urdva Mukha Vrksasana - Handstand variations

29/04: Twisted Prasarita, Sirsasana, Kouninyasna and Sarvangasana

30/04: Elemental Vinyasa Master Practice