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28-day Happy & Healthy Yoga & Detox Challenge (Online program)

28-day Happy & Healthy YOGA & DETOX CHALLENGE (ONLINE program)

Refresh, Recharge, Renew!

Get ready for a transformational 28-day yoga & detox program that will provide you with fresh new energy. While nature is getting ready to reawaken and bloom again, so are you! Synchronize yourself with natures cycle of creation and regeneration, feeling happy, healthy, energized and recharged.

This online program is set up for you to slowly cut out all the bad stuff in your diet and move towards a healthy diet that supports you in you busy life. This will take 14 days before we dive into the real challenge of liquid food only. After this week we will slowly guide you back to a renewed and healthy lifestyle. Every week a different yoga sequence and meditations are being offered to you to support this transformational process. You will be given a clear handout with recipes, nutritional advice and access to the online yoga videos that include supportive self-massage techniques and meditations. A closed Facebook group is there to inspire you and help you to keep it going!

You will get access to:

  • 4 sets of recipes, nutritional advice and tips and tricks to keep it going
  • 4 video’s of 30 minute yoga sequences and 10 minute meditation sessions

week 1: Power up & Dedicate - Prepare yourself: cutting out the bad stuff, focus your mind

week 2: Strengthen your Core - Get more serious: lighter meals, strong body

week 3: Cleanse your body, Clear your mind - The real challenge: liquid food, fluid body

week 4: Stay Happy & Healthy - Nurture yourself: happy body, peaceful mind

  • Closed FB group for support & inspiration

Costs: € 95,-

NOTE: If you book our 3-day Yoga Nature Spring Retreat, the 28-day Detox challenge is included. If you book our Yoga & Detox Workshop at DNYS in Amsterdam, you will get a 10% discount. 

You can pay directly online (credit card) via the 'add to cart' button, or transfer the amount to NL87ABNA0415988829, D. Koken, Detox Challenge. Please leave your email address so we can get in touch.