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5 Elements Advanced Asana Training "WATER"

  • denieuweyogaschool Laurierstraat 109 Amsterdam, NH, 1016 Netherlands (map)

Following the “Earth” series of our Advanced Asana Training Program, this time we will dive into the “Water” series. Unleash your creative power through the poses related to the water element!

Dates & Advanced Asanas
February 5, 12, 19 and 20

5/2   : Solar sequence: Urdva Dhanurasana Variations
12/2 : Solarsequence: Pincha Mayurasana & Pincha Scorpion
19/2 : Lunar sequence: Ekapadarajakapotanasana
20/2 : Full Ritual Elemental Vinyasa Master Practice

The Journey of Water
During the first three trainings (on Fridays) we explore the key actions and benefits of the main intermediate poses that nurture and energize our WATER element. These creative and exhilirating poses are taught in steps called ‘kramas’ to help you cultivate the strength, suppleness and confidence in a safe and enjoyable way.

Water Elemental Masterclass
During the fourth and final session (on Saturday) we offer the WATER elemental masterclass, an opportunity to experience the poses as part of an integrated Prana Vinyasa™ yoga sequence. Here we bring together the different aspects of yoga so you can experience the transformative power of elemental vinyasa at the master practice level.

Intelligence, Respect, Patience
Our Advanced Asana Trainings are not just about hard work! Sometimes we try too hard by trying to push our bodies into a pose. During this series of trainigs you will learn how to open and prepare your body intelligently and with respect. We offer modifications and encourage you to experience the pose to your fullest potential while respecting your boundaries. During the trainings the use of props such as belts, blocks, blankets and supportive partner work will be integrated.

While some poses require strength and stamina, others benefit from relaxation, time and breath so we also practice surrendering and letting gravity do its work.

Join us as we explore the different relationships to the Water element through supine floor poses, flying poses, and bound poses. We invite you to extend your boundaries, empower your practice, master your asanas and have fun!

About the Advanced Asana Training Program
With their five Elements Advanced Asana Program Simon and Daphne offer an opportunity to experience the transformative power of Elemental Vinyasa Yoga through a deeper level of integration between the yoga poses, the elements and the chakras.



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