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Prana Dance Yoga - JAI 2016!

Celebrate the new year with us at PopUpYoga in Haarlem!

Prana Dance Experience - With Simon Rowe

Go beyond the yoga mat and experience your limitless self as you experience the dance of the life force!

Prana Dance Yoga is a part of the study of energetic yoga.This free-form practice is inspired by the ancient temple dances, sacred dances and rituals that have existed since the beginning of time as a way to honor the cosmic energy during the different life cycles.

During this Prana Dance Experience we come together to ignite the spark of excitement for the new year to realize our dreams and honor our truth, be a force for change and an instrument of peace. We will begin with a short satsang about the life force, Prana. We will close with a guided meditation and sound healing.

There will be time for tea and discussions after.

All welcome :-)