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LOVE! Live - Love - Breathe @ YogaMoves, Utrecht

  • YogaMoves St. Janshovenstraat 1 Utrecht (map)

During 3 workshops, we invite you to enjoy the different aspects of this wonderful yoga system at the forefront of the modern vinyasa yoga movement.

Love | Saturday 14 November 14.00-17.00

LOVE - Takes us deeper into the journey of embodied yoga transformation as we connect to the wisdom of the heart. Heart opening backbends, playful balances and partnering yoga invite us to work together and open to our connection as a community. We transition to sahaja, spontaneous movement, to connect to our heart’s natural flow, then we dive into kirtan to awaken our sense of bhakti – ecstatic love, as we join together for a culminating Prana Yoga-Dance experience.

Breathe | Saturday 19 December 14.00-17.00

BREATHE - is a sacred practice that honors the meditative pathway of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. The gentler ‘lunar’ path of Prana Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid and graceful style of flowing ‘Yin’ Vinyasa. This beautiful meditation in movement is intended to recharge us and nourish our inner vitality, or ‘ojas’. During this ritual practice, we balance the tapas (inner fire) with the cool sweet water of santosha (inner peace and satisfaction)  We offer sound healing and the chanting of sacred mantras to awaken our peaceful nature. Pranayamas, mudrasand guidedmeditations are integrated for us to deepen our connection to the deep inner wisdom of karuna (compassion), santosha (satisfaction) and shanti (peace).

Live | Saturday 10 October 14.00-17.00

LIVE - Awaken the pulse of your life force and experience the power of the energy that flows through you. Honor the 5 directions of Prana and experience the classic Prana Vinyasa pulsations for liberating the flow of your life energy.  Dynamic mudras and pranayamas (breath work) are integrated into sequences that are designed to balance your strength, fluidity and grace. Embody the flow of prana during this classic Prana Vinyasa sadhana.